Coyotes SCAT*
*( Definition: (1) A jazz solo of vocal nonsense syllables. (2) dung, feces )
For a short period The Coyotes were publishing a monthly page they called "SCAT" with some interesting tidbits of knowledge and some humour. Here is an index of links to a few of the topics.

Honorary Coyotes

(... with a little help from our friends ...)

Astra Avens
Albert and Alison Bain (Orange Snail)
Brian Colborne*
Linda and Kevin* Droughan
Freedom Chuck
David Falconer (Photographer)
Gerry Jorens
Dalton Kehoe
Andrew Marshall
Patty McLaughlin*
Don Murdoch*
Wayne Nichols*
Paul Snelgrove*
Jerry Sokol*
Terry Wright
* occasional Coyotes


On March 13, 2009, from Insite Magazine at CAMH: "The energy was contagious as the audience danced and sang along with the musicians, who played songs from their expansive repertoire, including favourites from the Beatles, Beach Boys, The Band, and Van Morrison."

From Cathryn McGregor at Watermark Design Decisions, Inc.: " Thank you Peter, we had a lovely time. The volume was just right. Great sound, yet allowed people to converse. Great harmonies! Keep us in the loop as to future performances. "

A little fun with Joe Cocker

Legal Stuff

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