Band History

4 original Coyotes standing infront of sumac in park: Peter, Eric, Burke, Mark


Peter Paolucci, Eric Mattila, Burke Cullen, & Mark Lavigne became "The Coyotes" on February 1, 2007.

In the beginning...... and beyond....

Mark Lavigne was the common thread that initially pulled together The Coyotes. Discovering that his neighbour Eric played guitar he suggested the two of them get together for a bit of a jam session. They did and Mark enthusiastically told Eric "I need to get you together with my friends Peter and Burke." Soon after at a Christmas party hosted by Mark, the four musicians were together for the first time and played an informal jam. Peter suggested they form a band and Mark's dream started to become reality. They agreed to form a group, Peter came up with "The Coyotes" as a name and a wonderful new musical entity was born.

Bands evolve and life circumstances change. Due to growing schedule demands of family commitments and career, Mark left The Coyotes in June of 2015. After 8 years of building a substantial repertoire with Mark, The Coyotes spent some time throughout the balance of 2015 sorting through the repertoire and re-arranging songs for what was now a 3-piece band. Mark continues his music occasionally playing in various bands around York region. We miss Mark's musical contribution and the entertaining banter that so frequently accompanied his presence.

We are pleased to announce that in March of 2016 Braedon Garret joined The Coyotes.

Braedon recorded and produced our first CD, and also spent many years filling in for The Coyotes on various instruments, including bass, guitar and drums. He adds his own unique flavour to our evolving band.

The band's first gig was at Albert Bain's the Orange Snail in the basement of Stong College at York University. In those days, we were also lucky to have found Noel Alexander, owner of the Good Times Cafe was both generous and supportive in helping us get our start. The Coyotes are grateful to both establishments for having helped us get started all those years ago.

From time to time when we are playing public events around Aurora and Newmarket, we are delighted when Geoff Dawe, the mayor of Aurora, happens to be wandering by in the neighbourhood and picks up a guitar, and sits in with The Coyotes to do Marguaritaville. That's why we like to call him "The mayor of Margaritaville."

Here is "Dr D" (Dalton Kehoe), backed up by The Coyotes, doing When a Man Loves a Woman and Under the Boardwalk . In the 1990's Dalton, Kevin Droughan (drums) and Peter played in the same 12-piece R&B band. It was nice to re-unite musically with these guys in the new and updated context of The Coyotes.

Here are Patty Mclaughlin and Paul Snelgrove doing one of Paul's signature songs, Beer for My Horses and here they are doing Wild Night.

This is the lovely and talented Sari Featherstone doing Patsy Cline's Crazy and an old Broadway standard, Cabaret.
The Coyotes were also joined by Sari Featherstone in a live performance of Relentless from the CD. Sari sang backup vocals on the original track.

Over the 3 years that we ran this event, we enjoyed a lot of great live music by a lot of different local performers who came out to help make the party. For example, this is Boris Mischenko doing Paul Simon's Duncan . And here is Freedom Chuck performing The Man Who Turns the Damn Thing On and Off and El Paso.

Here is Sudden Mischief doing Louie Louie and Before You Accuse Me.

And of course, we always play at our own parties! Check out The Coyotes doing Barbara Ann, Oh! Darlin', La Bamba, and Happy Together.

If you haven't attended Bradstock, you've missed out on one of the best events of the summer! Started over 25 years ago in the early 1990s by York University faculty husband and wife team, Terry Conlin and Andrea O'Reilly, Bradstock was always held every Father's Day week in June. Hosted by Andrea and Terry on their homestead property in Bradford, the festivities began at sundown on the Friday of the weekend and there was music Friday night, all day Saturday and Saturday night, and all day Sunday.

More about Bradstock here.

fence with plywood sign: "Peace Love Music"

Welcome to the Peace and Love of Bradstock!

And not just music, but every kind of music by every kind of band. Be prepared to hear folk, blues, jazz, country, rock and roll, heavy metal (even thrash metal one year!), contemporary African music, Gospel and so on. Each act plays for about 40 minutes. You can buy tie-dye tee shirts and many people camp out there for the whole weekend.

People of every age are welcome. So are your pets; the local goats and other critters don't mind.

Bradstock is famous for many memorable slogans. "Nobody pays; nobody gets paid." "All who wander are not lost." "Practice random acts of kindness." "Live Music is Better."  The Coyotes are proud to have been the opening act for Bradstock for the last 6 years!

Here's a photo taken on Fri June 18, 2010 (the 18th annual Bradstock Festival) by our buddies in Sudden Mischief.

Coyotes on stage: Eric, Mark Burke, Jerry Sokol, Peter

Other Events

Sat March 27, 2010 The Vemma Girls joining in on "Mustang Sally." The pixture gallery above will show you what it looked like. Here is what it sounded like.

Thurs Dec 10, 2009 Spectrum Annual Nathan Shiff Holiday Party

Sun Oct 4, 2009 CIBC Run for the Cure and more

Fri Sept 25, 2009 Aurora Tigers opening game Tailgate Party Pictures in our gallery are courtesy of David Falconer Photography

Thurs Sept 17th, 2009 Belinda Stronach's Neighbourhood Network Community Funding Program: read the write-up in The Auroran and see a picture here (Photography by David Falconer)

Fri September 11, 2009. Aurora Ribfest (See pics here courtesy of Angie Dawson)

Thurs Jun 11th, 2009 for The Canadian Public Relations Society . Check out this great audience participation moment! See photo gallery for more pics. These photos, courtesy of Peter Restivo.

Sun Feb 15th, 2009 at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, as part of the Sunday concert series

The Orange Snail Pub (Albert Bain, owner) Wanna see photos?

(Top of) The CN Tower for Agresso Worldwide

The Good Time Cafe, Newmarket (Noel Alexander, owner) Pictures here!

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